Southern Ontario Population Growth, 2016 to 2021

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I’m just going to park this here for now. This is a quick map showing population change from 2016 to 2021 in southern Ontario municipalities (i.e, census subdivisions). The division between “southern Ontario” and all else was a bit arbitrary, and the color range doesn’t bode well with the baselayer, but there are some interesting things here to discover all the same. Population change in the suburbs and exurbs is mad-high.  (e.g, Collingwood, Waterloo, Kitchener, Barrie area, Peterborough).  I suppose this confirms what the realtors were telling us about the covid.

Why the smattering of negative population growth?

You will see some red points here and there on the map. Note that many of these are IRI’s – First Nations/Indigenous communities.  Some of these geographies have very small populations, meaning that it doesn’t take much for a high-value population change (negative or positive) to occur.  And in some other cases, numbers were not reported in either 2016 or 2021, which leaves the value as null, causing the red mark.  I’ll fix this in a future update.

Future changes I’m thinking about

  • fixing the colour
    • [fixed. so long lime greens, hello cooler blues.  Stamen baselayer now works.)
  • all of Canada.  (comparatives won’t always be useful)
  • the increase in dwellings and of population in K-W CT’s.  (Watch the suburbs grow.)
    • Still TBD.  This would be its own map

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